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Drain Cleaning Solutions Clogged drain

Drain Toronto Cleaning, (Sewer) System, Maintenance Solutions

No-Digging Technology Sewer (Drain) Backup

AnTa Plumbing and Drain Inc. offers professional comprehensive services to entirely cover drainage for domestic, commercial and industrial business sectors.

We specialize in drain cleaning, repair and maintenance of all drain (sewer) systems, providing full CCTV(Camera Inspection) drain inspection surveys.

- Residential and commercial sewer line replacements
- Grease tank installation
- Plugged (Blocked) drain pipes
- Tree roots removal. Drain Grant Application Form
- Back water valve. Basement Flooding Subsidy Program
- Camera inspection
- Drain cleaning with Hydro JET (Water jetting)
- Sewer back up
- Trenchless sewer pipe replacement
- Preventive maintenance
- Drain Snaking

Anta Plumbing Inc. is early adapter of the latest technology advances in drain and plumbing industry.

Pipe Bursting

- Install new PVC pipe instead of clay pipe with NO-Digging Technology
- Install new water supply line instead of lead pipe with NO-Digging Technology
- Save money
- Save landscaping

Trenchless Water Supply Line Installation

- Install new copper water pipe underground
- Increase amount of water
- Increase water pressure

Drain Cleaning with Hydro Jet

- Drain maintenance
- Drain pipe cleaning - Take away smell from the sewer pipe
- Cut the tree roots safely for drain pipes

Our company uses the latest sewer and drain cleaning equipment in the industry, including video camera inspections, plumbing snakes, pipe bursting system, torpedo.

Whether you are looking for drain cleaning, pipe repair, inspections, or water jetting, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time.

Drain system by AnTa Plumbing and Drain

Experience has shown that plumbing and drainage problems often link together and in line with company mission we have structured our service to provide a "one stop shop" solution for our customers.

We offer:

- Competitive rates
- 24/7 Services
- Membership discounts
- Camera Inspection free with any drain projects

AnTa Plumbing also deals with the City of Toronto to help our customers receive up to $2000 from the City in TREE ROOTS REBATE for drain replacement or repairs.

Drain is clogged. Why?

Over a period of time deposits such as grease, fat, silt and mineral scale build up on the pipe walls.

This accumulated material makes the wall rough reducing the ability of the drain to rapidly move the water it contains. As the water flow slows more materials are deposited worsening the situation.

The most effective way to clear the drainage pipes and inspection chambers of these deposits is high pressure water jetting.

French Drain

French Drains for Soggy Lawns

If your neighbor's land stands at a higher elevation than yours, you may be experiencing problems with excessive moisture on your property. Water from your neighbor's property may be running down the slope and spilling onto your property. You need better yard drainage.

One option in such cases is installing French drains.

"Our property is located in a very wet area. Each spring the lawn was soggy, full of water. By putting in a system of french drains, the lawn dries out about a few weeks before our neighbours' properties do. Thanks AnTa Plumbing." Chris M.

Drain system basics

There are two important subsystems involved with plumbing: drain waste and vent piping (DWV). The distribution piping is the system that brought the water to the toilet bowl or kitchen sink, or garden hose. The drain waste-vent system transports all the used water and waste from the house to the sewer or septic system. A house's sewer system basically works on gravity. No mechanical pressure is involved.

When the waste water leaves the bowl, kitchen sink, vanity it descends down the drain and enters the waste line (sewer).

Maintenance of this system is very simple: don't put grease down to your drain, keep clean kitchen drain, once in a few years check with CCTV your sewer.


- New Rough-ins
- Blocked Drain
- CCTV Drain Surveys
- Toilets
- Septic Tanks
- Sewer Lines
- Service Pipes
- Drain Snaking
- Grease Trap
- Back flow check valve installation

- Main building trap removal
- Catch basin installation
- Window well drains
- Storm drain
- Lead pipes exchange
- Video Inspection
- Floor drain
- Ejector pumps
- Floor drain

Clean out

A blocked drainage pipe often becomes a costly and destructive problems for building owners. Partially blocked pipes result in the slow draining if fixtures and inefficient operation of water closets, while totally blocked pipes cause sewage back-up.

To allow the insertion of cleaning apparatus into drainage piping so that any blockages or obstructions may be readily cleared clean outs need to be installed by Plumbing code in your lines.

The Building Trap

Clean Out

In many older localities where sanitary and storm drainage are combined within a building and then connected to a street sewer, and to a lesser extent in new localities with separate storm and sanitary sewers, a device known as a building trap is installed in the drain.

Today this trap is generally omitted, but many still exist, predominantly in older areas. Purpose is to prevent the passage of gases or vermin from the public sewers into the building drainage system.

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